Working for God in the Hospital

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At The Tribe Nation we believe that The policy statement of God is for men to carry their priesthood to their different corridors of influence in Governance, Business, Public management, negotiating the expansion of the kingdom from the position of strength and influence. It is for this reason that we have priest-consultants, priest-doctors, priest-fashion designers, priest-technologists, priest-bankers, priest- engineers, priest-lawyers and so on. Men and women that their sphere of influence is outside the church, their theatre of operation is the society.

Our Priesthood is a very peculiar priesthood. It’s a hybridized priesthood; Royalty and Priestly combo. Jesus called men in the market place to become apostles. Peter, Andrew and Phillip were seafood entrepreneurs, they saw their enterprise as a platform for ministry, and Luke was a medical doctor. Simon was a nationalist, a right wing agitator. Mathew was a civil servant, a tax collection agent; Paul and his business partners; Aquila and Priscilla, were tent making entrepreneurs, and their trade was a rostrum for ministry.

Ecclesiastical concepts and ideas shaping and guiding nations, we are in a season where God is calling men into full-time ministry in Business, Education and Government – the Marketplace. These men and women work as stock brokers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, farmers, chief operating officers, news reporters, teachers, police officers, plumbers, factory foremen, receptionists, cooks and much more.

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