About Economic Re-Engineering conference 2022

In our vision for the future-where young people are driving transformative change in governance, entrepreneurship, civil leadership, education, and public management in Africa. To help achieve our vision of a future in Africa where young Africans are driving transformative change our social impact strategies are need-focused and solution-driven inclusive and sustainable solutions to common social issues. This work puts people at the center and is structured under three focused area alignment with the United Nation Sustainable development Goal”

Economic Re-engineering conference is annual event organized by Tribe Africa in partnership with stakeholders, policymakers, and development partners. It brings together business leaders, captains of industries, development partners, small and medium enterprise drivers, stakeholders, and policymakers’ onsite and online deliberating on a conceptualization of entrepreneurship growth and career acceleration in Nigeria among youths.

The 2022 Economic Re-engineering conference seeks to provide a knowledge exchange and transfer experiences that will accelerate career growth and business optimization in Nigeria. It will inspire cross fertilization of ideas in different sectors.

Economic Re-Engineering 2022 Objective


When: 18th June 2022 by 9am Where: Reiz Continental Hotel, Central Business District Abuja Nigeria

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